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Welcome to the Future of Sample Making

Sampling has been around for as long as textiles have existed. Customers have always needed to see and feel the product they are buying. This is more true today than it has ever been...especially when the marketplace is saturated with similar products and offerings. As a result, innovative and cost effective sampling will always be a key marketing strategy for years to come. It will always be an important part of selling your products to your customers.

“Let’s Cut to the Chase”

Sampling is extremely important to the merchandising of most textile products. Sampling is usually the first point of contact between the end consumer and the product; the sample vehicle creates a first impression that is critical to the sale. A successful sample vehicle tells a compelling story about the product, pinpoints who would purchase the product and illustrates why the product is a perfect fit for the application. Keeping all product sampling up-to-date, complete and in good working order is always a wise business investment.

When producing product samples, consider the needs of your sales team first and foremost. Since a sales person is the primary individual using the sample in the marketplace, the sample vehicle should be of a convenient size and weight for ease of use, in addition to presenting large product swatches and clear, concise product details. Beautiful room-setting photography and graphics are key components that complete the product story, and the SampleLinx Design team is expert at combining all of these elements into an affordably priced presentation.

The lifespan of a sample vehicle is usually two to three years. During the lifespan of the sampling vehicle line extensions, such as new fabrics or hardware systems, may be added as separate updates until the program re-launches again. A full sample vehicle re-launch usually incorporates these line extensions, as well as any other new and exciting developments, into a new presentation that refreshes and reenergizes the product line.

Partner with the Experts

SampleLinx Inc. is recognized as the Tier 1 supplier in the Sampling Industry. The brief explanation below will define why our customers partner with SampleLinx to provide exceptional designs and high quality manufacturing of their sampling projects.